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Does your operation suffer from a hidden illness?

We all know that contact centres are highly people centric.  What is less well known is that just as people can get sick from time to time, so can an entire operation.  Sometimes it can just be a cold, occasionally it can be far more serious and debilitating.


I have worked in contact centres since 1982.  I started on the phones and eventually made it as Customer Services Director for some of our best known global brands.  On my journey, I started to notice six hidden patterns or ‘illnesses’ that seemed to negatively affect performance.  I soon learnt that the identification and eradication of these illnesses often led to double-digit gains and made more difference than anything else.


Some human illnesses lie hidden and require diagnostic tools such as CT scans or ultrasound to reveal them before successful treatment can commence.  In exactly the same way, contact centre ‘illnesses’ show up in their MI and require advanced analysis to correctly identify them.   I use ‘Deep-Dive’ time-trend analysis and have found it to be highly effective in identifying performance issues and appropriate treatments.


Having studied the MI of many operations, I have discovered to my amazement, that many organisations suffer from one or more of these six performance limiting ‘illnesses’ and could be enjoying far better results, were they to regain full health.



Click on graph to see the six illnesses